OpenID Connect is an Endpoint that provides a standardized REST API for identity attributes.

The Userinfo_endpoint is an OAuth 2.0 Protected Resource that returns Claims about the authenticated End-User. To obtain the requested Claims about the End-User, the OAuth Client makes a request to the Userinfo_endpoint using an Access Token obtained through OpenID Connect Authentication Request. These Claims are normally represented by a JSON object that contains a collection of name and value pairs for the Claims.

Communication with the Userinfo_endpoint MUST utilize TLS. Section 16.17 for more information on using TLS.

The Userinfo_endpoint MUST support the use of the HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods defined in RFC 2616.

The Userinfo_endpoint MUST accept Access Tokens as OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Usage RFC 6750.

The Userinfo_endpoint SHOULD support the use of Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and or other methods as appropriate to enable Java Script Clients to access the endpoint.

The Userinfo_endpoint is a regular OAuth 2.0 resource that returns a JSON document when fetched via HTTP. The OAuth Client constructs an HTTP GET request to the Userinfo_endpoint and includes the Access Token in the Authorization Header.

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