Jalbum and Server Mode#

I have been using Jalbum in normal and "server mode" for several years.

We keep our security camera JPGs organized using a combination of bash scripts and Jalbum.

Jalbum Reference#


You can find the parameters from the command:

java -jar JAlbum.jar -help
jAlbum v10.2.1 started in console mode

Options and their default values:
-ftpForceUTF8 false
-skin Turtle
-excludeByDefault false
-imageLinking LinkScaled
-scalingMethod ScaleMedium
-metaData true
-thumbSize 124x124
-exifUserComment true
-updatedDirsOnly false
-classicReaders false
-cpuCores 8
-copyOriginals true
-urlEncode false
-remoteDirectory album
-slides true
-writeUTF8 true
-showInRecentAlbumsList true
-visibleOnProfilePage true
-widgetInjection true
-closeupDirectory slides
-outputDirectory album
-skinsDirectory /usr/share/jalbum/skins
-ftpPort 21
-slideDirectory slides
-reverseOrder false
-remoteFS info.cqs.remotefs.RemoteFSBean@40110c31
-imageSize 640x480
-hiResDirectory hi-res
-internalVersion 10.2.1
-hardwareScaling false
-pageExtension .html
-subdirs true
-useThumbForFolderIcon true
-keepMetaData false
-iptcCaption true
-textEncoding UTF-8
-ignorePattern \..*
-style Black.css
-includeHiResImages true
-includeDirectories true
-qualityPercent 85
-passiveMode true
-jpegComment false
-rows 4
-displayVersion 10
-protocol ftp
-makeThumbs true
-albumWidth 560
-imageBackgroundColor #ffffff
-suppressIEWarnings true
-textFileComment true
-resourceDirectory res
-exifImageDescription false
-thumbnailDirectory thumbs
-readXmp true
-mediaRSS true
-albumHeight 420
-sharpenPercent 25
-highQualityThumbs true
-indexPageName index
-excludeBacklinks false
-connected false
-myjalbum false
-programDirectory /usr/share/jalbum
-highThumbnailCompressionQuality false
-superimposeFilmIcon true
-directoriesFirst true
-imageOrdering OrderByDate
-titleSource IPTCObjectName
-cols 6
-notifyFollowers true
-progressiveMode false
-user.<your variable> <value>
Required arguments are -directory and (-outputDirectory or -sameDirectory)
Elapsed time: 0.316s

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