Emits a link to create an new blog entry.

Version 2.4.70 and above.#

Parameters #

  • entrytext - text of the link
  • page - if set, the entry is added to the named blog page. The default is the current page.

CSS classes#

  • none


[{WeblogEntryPlugin}] - Inserts the link "New entry" that will create an entry viewable by a WeblogPlugin on the current page.

[{WeblogEntryPlugin page='MyBlog' entrytext='post'}] - Inserts the link "post" that will create an entry viewable by a WeblogPlugin that displays page MyBlog.


  • Is it possible to create a Web log with a different date other than the current date and time? I found I had to modify the date time of the Wiki page file (I am using file provider) to create an entry with a different date time AndrewBroughton
  • Is is possible to create a Web log with a custom title?
A: Yes, use !,!! or !!! to make a heading and this will be used as custom title --AndersJohanJamtli
  • How can I incorporate the blogentry comments pages on the same page as the original entry? Clicking on the "Comments(0)" does a couple things that could be improved (or I need to learn how to stop it from doing this if that option exists): 1. it opens in a new window, 2. it opens to the "Add Comment" tab. If clicking on the blog title or the "Permalink" link at the bottom went to the actual blog page with it displaying the current comments, the link from the entries could be "Add Comments" and go directly to the "Add Comment" tab.
  • Good question. Anybody want to start developing this plugin further? -- JanneJalkanen
  • Is there any security associated with the Weblog Entry Plugin. It would seem sensible that only people who could edit the page that the associate weblog was on would be able to add entries. Keith Hart aka ownimage
A. I have put a fix into my NewBlogEntry.jsp (I'm running 2.4.71) I have uploaded a version here in case it is of use to anyone else. Keith Hart aka ownimage

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