More than one LDAPSearch#

When you install eDirectory, an ldapsearch in installed. There maybe more than one ldapsearch command on your host. Linux, Solaris and perhaps other OS implementation may have an ldapsearch command installed with the OS. There are some differences in the command-line syntax.

On my SELS 10 I see it like:

# find / -name ldapsearch

To see which ldapsearch I use by default:
# which ldapsearch

How to Get ldapsearch#


ldapsearch comes with ConsoleOne, thus its usually installed at
SYS:\PUBLIC\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin ...


As far as we know, ldapsearch is part of the base NDS install on all Unix/Linux platforms. Location varies for the platforms.

Windows Server#

As far as we know, ldapsearch is part of the base NDS install.


You can also get the LDAP tools form the Novell C-SDK. We last saw the C-SDK

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