XDAS Peer Association


XDAS Peer Association is an XDASv2 Event involving the association of a user or identity with a group, or the association of two users in some domain-specific context.

For example, adding an LDAP user to a group, or associating two users for a domain-specific purpose in an application's identity association database. XDAS Peer Association events are also related to the association of identities within disparate authentication domains for purposes of federation.

For example, when an identity in domain A makes a request to a service governed by domain B, then a peer association is required between these domains – often this is called a trust relationship.

From an implementation perspective, setting up a trust relationship is often done by establishing an identity in domain B, which is used as a proxy for any request coming from any identity in domain A. Trust relationships can be much more complex, however, as individual identities in domain A can have individual associations with specific domain B identities.

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