XDAS Security Events

Event NameEvent IdentifiereDirectory Event TypeDescriptionUse
Query Account Security Token0.0.12.3DSE_NMAS_LOG_GET_LOGIN_CONFIG
Requesting for an existing account security token.An account security token may be a password, or any other type of authentication materials associated with a user account. Here, a user account means any type of account by which a user, application, or system service may authenticate, and then act with the rights of that account.
Create Connection0.0.12.4DSE_CONNECTIONThe creation of a communication channel between system components.This event is reported when a communication channel is created between system components.
Terminate Connection0.0.12.5DSE_CONNECTIONThe closure of a communications channel between system components.This event is reported when an existing communication channel is terminated between system components.
Create a new session.This event should be reported whenever a new session is created. For example, logging in to the eDirectory system.
TERMINATE_SESSION0.0.2.1DSE_LOGOUTTerminate an existing session.This event should be reported whenever an existing session (as defined above) is terminated. For example, logging out of the eDirectory system.
A new identity is associated with a session.When a user authenticates a session, a new identity is associated with that session. This identity is then used to authorize requests for protected resources.
Intruder Lockout0.0.0.9DSE_ADD_VALUELockout of an account.This event is reported during lockout of an account.
ACCOUNT_UNLOCK0.0.0.10DSE_DELETE_VALUEUnlock of a Locked By Intruder.This event is reported when an locked account is unlocked.
Grant Account Access0.0.0.7DSE_ADD_VALUEGrant access to an account for an object.This event is reported when access is granted for a object to an account.
Revoke Account Access0.0.0.8DSE_DELETE_VALUERevoke access from an account for an object.This event is reported when a object is removed from an account.
Audit Config0.0.9.0DSE_ADD_VALUE
The modification of the parameters controlling the operation of the audit service.This event is reported when any modification is done to the parameters that are controlling the audit service.

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