Overview #

The 2.16.840.1.113719. represents the EDirectory Syntax SYN_PATH 15 which is a Component Syntax.

We have also seen this represented as:

  • LDAP Name: Tagged Name and String
  • Path

LDAP Format #

Typically attributes based on 2.16.840.1.113719. syntax may be retrieved as a String.

The Component Syntax layout is defined as three Fields:

An Example format would be similar to:


Data Structure and Format #

API Data Structure
typedef struct 
nuint32 nameSpaceType; 
pnstr8 volumeName; 
pnstr8 path; 
} Path_T; 

Various AttributeTypes use each field to hold various data.

Transfer Format:

uint32 Length 
uint32 Name Space 
unicode Volume 
unicode Path 


taggedNameAndString :: = SEQUENCE { 
objectName LDAPDN, 
number uint32, 
string LDAPString 

Matching Rules #

Remarks #

Attributes using this syntax can set size limits.

Our Comments #

Interestingly, although the attribute shows in the schema to be of type 2.16.840.1.113719. which shows as "path", Novell shows this component name should be path and not path.xml.

I suppose that the component is really based on the component number and not the name. This activity makes programmatic deciphering of the attributes really hard as "path" is used in some attributes and "path.xml" {as inDirXML-EntitlementRef is used on others with no programmatic method to determine which it which.

Refer to the individual Fields for more details:

Syntax Details#

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