A LDAP Extended Request:

Defined in RFC 4373 and referenced in the now expired IETF drafts

4.1 StartFramedProtocolRequest Extended Operation

   The StartFramedProtocolRequest extended operation indicates that the
   initiator wishes to begin transmission of a set of related LDAP
   operations. The requestValue of the StartFramedProtocolRequest
   extended operation contains an OID that describes the specific framed
   protocol being initiated, and a protocol-specific payload.

   An LDAPv3 Extended Request is defined in [LDAPv3] as follows:

      ExtendedRequest ::= [APPLICATION 23] SEQUENCE {
          requestName    [0] LDAPOID,
          requestValue   [1] OCTET STRING OPTIONAL

   The requestName portion of the StartFramedProtocolRequest must be the
   OID "2.16.840.1.113719.".

   The requestValue of the StartFramedProtocolRequest must be set to the
   BER-encoding of the following:

      StartFramedProtocolRequestValue ::= SEQUENCE {
                framedProtocolOID LDAPOID,
                framedProtocolPayload OPTIONAL OCTET STRING

   The parameters in the requestValue of the StartFramedProtocolRequest

      - framedProtocolOID: An OID that uniquely identifies the protocol
        framed by this operation.  - framedProtocolPayload: An octet
      string that contains protocol-specific