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AIX Configuration DirXML Driver Fan Out Driver

Configure Platform in iManager#

Make sure the host your installing Platform Services on is setup as a Platform in iManager Fan-Out Driver Configuration.

Installing Platform Services#

  • Copy The aix_platformservices.tar to the AIX platform.
  • Extract the aix_platformservices.tar
  • Execute the install script in the extracted /ASAM/setup/ folder.

Configure Platform Services#

Execute the script
This will configure your /usr/local/ASAM/data/asamplat.conf file and then connect with the directory to mint the SSL certificate for secure communication with the driver.

If the certificate was not minted, and it gives an error then you will need to debug that error and execute

 /usr/local/ASAM/bin/PlatformServices/PlatformServicesProcess/asampsp -s 
This will regenerate the SSL certificate.

Modify asamplat.conf #

Modify or copy over the your pre-configured /usr/local/ASAM/data/asamplat.conf.

Modify pam.conf#

Copy /etc/pam.conf to pam.conf.orig with
cp /etc/pam.conf pam.conf.orig
Copy the pam.conf.sample or your pre-configured pam.conf file to the Server to replace /etc/pam.conf with.

Configure init #

Copy the Startup Scripts to the init location with these commands:
cp /usr/local/ASAM/data/UnixStartupScripts/asampspd /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/
cp /usr/local/ASAM/data/UnixStartupScripts/asamrcvrd /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/

Name the scripts for start and stop init process with these commands:

mv asampspd S98asampspd
mv asamrcvrd S99asamrcvrd

cp S98asampspd K98asampspd
cp S99asamrcvrd K99asamrcvrd

Modify login.cfg#

Edit the file /etc/security/login.cfg and change the line with auth_type = to the Below:
auth_type = PAM_AUTH 

Start the Daemons

/etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S98asampspd start
/etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S99asamrcvrd start
Check for Daemons Running
ps -eaf | grep asam
You should see both running. If Daemons are not running then start the one that is not and then check again.

Verify #

Now check your Authentication and that everything has provisioned to the Platform.

Run other verification tests as appropriate.

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