API Adoption


API Adoption is extremely important and involves the driving API Adoption via a targeted API Portal

API Adoption is a very important phase for APIs since the capacity for revenue generation is directly related to their level of Adoption.

For any API to succeed, it is important that the API is:

  • Easy for interested developers to find
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Supported by both the API provider and peer developers

The API technology must also be self-service via the API Portal so potential developers can get access to resources and get started anytime, anywhere. Since consumer APIs are usually commodity services, the switching cost is extremely low. Therefore, the API provider offering the easiest adoption experience for developers will have an advantage over its competitors. For example, if Google Maps makes it too difficult to adopt, developers will simply switch over to Bing Maps.

Enterprise APIs are different from consumer APIs when it comes to distribution. Typically, enterprise APIs are only available to trusted business partners and the developer portal is often closed to public access.

For example, companies like American Express or HSBC cannot allow public access to their enterprise APIs that transmit sensitive financial data and execute financial transactions. To gain access to enterprise APIs, partners are usually required to sign a contract, negotiate a service level agreement (SLA), or complete a security audit. If enterprise APIs will be exposed to the general public to generate partnership interest, API traffic from unapproved applications must be routed and confined to a sandbox environment for isolation, with demonstration data only.

Enterprise API developers are often "captive" developers who may not be able to simply switch over to another API provider, and the business relationship requires that they use the prescribed APIs

API Adoption is often very important to get off the "legacy" system that was used prior to the new API

API Adoption and the "proper" implementaion is often overloked. If you do not provide "proper" implementaion Examples for developers. We have seen several unfortunate events arize due to the improper implentaiton of you may find there are cybersecurity effects

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