AWS CloudWatch


AWS CloudWatch is a Amazon Web Service that provides real-time monitoring to Amazon's EC2 on their resource utilization such as CPU, disk, network and replica lag for RDS Database replicas.

AWS CloudWatch does not provide any memory, Store, or load average metrics without running additional software on the instance. AWS CloudWatch provides a AWS CloudWatch Agent for Microsoft Windows and Linux Operating Systems included disk and available memory, dead link.

AWS CloudWatch data is aggregated and provided through AWS management console. AWS CloudWatch can also be accessed through command line tools and Web API's, if the customer desires to monitor their EC2 resources through their enterprise monitoring software. Amazon provides an API which allows to operate on CloudWatch alarms.

The metrics collected by Amazon CloudWatch enables the auto-scaling feature to dynamically add or remove EC2 instances. Customers are charged by the number of monitoring instances.

AWS CloudWatch accepts custom metrics that can be submitted programmatically via Web Services API and then monitored the same way as all other internal metrics, including setting up the alarms for them.

AWS CloudWatch has the following Components:

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