Access Control Models


Access Control Models are models (or we prefer frameworks) for Access Control.

Policy Based Management System is a generic Framework for Access Control Models which use a predefined Access Control Policy

Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI) is a framework that could be used within an Implementation of a Access Control Models.

There are many Access Control Models including: (but certainly NOT limited to)

And we are sure there are others.

Not an Implementation#

None of these models are an implementation of a Access Control system but rather "Models" or Frameworks that could be utilized for an Architecture implementation.

Typically, each vendor will implement a hybrid of one or more Access Control Models.

Application Access Control Models#

Access Control Models is when the Policy Enforcement Point within the particular application or Information Technology system.

In most Organizational Entities the desire is for a more Centralized Access Control Models

ACL-based Access Control Models#

ACL-based Access Control Models, is when a Digital Identity requests an operation on a Resource, the system first checks the Access Control List (ACL) for an applicable entry in order to decide whether the requested operation is authorized.

Access Control Models Microsoft Windows #

Access Control Model-Microsoft Windows

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