Accountability is the assignment of Accountable.

The main difference between responsibility and Accountability is that responsibility can be shared while Accountability cannot.

Accountability is a security goal that generates the requirement for actions of an entity to be traced uniquely to that entity. This supports non-Repudiation, deterrence, fault isolation, Intruder Detection and prevention, and after-action recovery and legal action. (NISTIR 7298)

accountable vs responsible#

Being accountable not only means being responsible for something but also ultimately being answerable for your or possibly others actions.

Accountability is accepted where Responsibility is assigned.


A Pilot-In-Charge is accountable for anything that happens in regards to the operation of the aircraft.

He may or may not be the responsible party that perhaps caused a collision. (ie the co-pilot may have been the responsible party).

You Own a Car#

If You Own a Car and the car is involved in an accident, even if you were not driving, you are probably Accountable (and therefore have Accountability) and ultimately Responsible.

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