An Acquirer, typically the Merchant's bank, is a Payment Service Provider that helps a Merchant to accept Payment Card and debit card payments. Acquirer makes the payments to the Merchant.

They are sometimes referred to as the Merchant Acquirer or the Acquiring Bank as well.

Acquirer is one member of the The Four-Party Credit Card System

Acquirer Responsibilities[1]#

The Acquirer’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:
  • Recruit Merchants and provide the necessary set-up so that the merchant is able to accept cards for payment (POS Terminals can be owned by acquirers and let out to Merchants or directly owned by Merchants).
  • Enable transactions to be authorized and processed for onward submission to Card Issuers for clearing and settlement.
  • Providing support and assistance to Merchants.
  • Pay the Merchants.
  • Receive fees from Merchants.
  • Pay interchange fees to Card Issuers.

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