Add Modification-type


Add Modification-type is a LDAP ModifyRequest Operation within an Modify Request

If Add Modification-type then there must be an attributeType description and a set of values.

If the specified attributeType does not already exist in the target entry, then it will be added with all of the provided values.

If the attributeType does exist, then the provided values will be added to the existing values for that attribute.

Under normal circumstances, a Modify Request cannot be used to add a value that already exists in the entry.

LDIF Examples for Add Modification-type#

The Add Modification-type ChangeType is used to add new entries to a DIB via LDIF and is used the same as the Add Request. An Add Modification-type record requires values for all of the mandatory attributeTypes of the TargetDN's base class. The objectClass attribute must be set to the base class or to the SUP of the base class.

An LDIF file with multiple add/change records must first add the container entries and then the leaf entries that will reside in the container (unless Forward Referencing is enabled). For example:

version: 1

dn: cn=johndoe, ou=provo, ou=users, o=novell
changetype: add
sn: Doe
givenName: John
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
telephoneNumber: 555 555-5555
mail: jdoe@novell.com
userPassword: Password

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