Agile refers to a set of values and Principals put forth in the Agile Manifesto.

The Agile Manifesto was a reaction against heavyweight methodologies that were popular, yet crippling software projects from actually doing what they needed to do – create software that helped the customer!

Agile’s values (Agile Manifesto) & Agile Principles work because of the science behind Lean Product Development and so you'll see a lot of similar themes repeated in Agile.

Any project that follows the Agile Manifesto & Agile Principles can rightly be considered to be Agile. That said, there are definitely preferred practices that are common for Agile Delivery Teams to follow in order to achieve agility. Most commonly:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming (XP) for Technical Practices (with new practices becoming popular, largely from Lean Startup – such as Continuous Deployment and Testing in Production)
  • PDCA

Agile teams work differently from Command-and-Control Management bureaucracies. They are largely self-governing:

  • Senior leaders tell team members where to innovate but not how.
  • And the teams work closely with customers, both external and internal.

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