Events and Alerts#

This is specific to The LDAP Monitor (custom application we wrote)

Alerts are events that are sent via the alert system. (email).

Event Queing#

All events are logged. Events are evalulated and determination is made as to the need for generating an alert.

Alerts are placed into a Queue and maintained there for an adjustable "alerthold" value. The alerthold property is determined by the value for the alerthold property in the ndsperf.properties file. (The current value is 30 minutes). Alerts are placed int he queue and purged after the alerthold time. Alerts are sent for any alert that is not already in the Queue.

Therefore, any alert that happens within the alerthold period will not be repeated. If the Alert remains present beyond the alerthold period, the Alert will be repeated every alerthold period until corrected.

All events are logged even though they maynot be alerted.

Maintenance Window#

A maintenance window parameters are defined in the is defined in in the ndsperf.properties file.

The properties effecting the maintenace window are:

  • mainthourstart - The hour of the day that the window starts.
  • maintduration - The number of minutes of the window duration.

These parameters are global accross all servers.

No Alerts will be sent during the maintenance window.

Stoping Alert Notification#

Alerts Notification maybe turned off or on from the WEB Interface. Alerts are always logged and displayed on the WEB interface even when Alert Notification is turned off. This maybe useful if maintenance or other activities are being performed.

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