Algorithm is a procedure or formula for solving a problem, based on conducting a sequence of specified actions.

Algorithm has no formal and precise definition, however, for our purposes an Algorithm is an abstract concept that describes how to solve a problem.

Algorithm as an abstraction of a Function where the steps are defined. but, the method of performing the steps are NOT defined.

Algorithm Implementations are referred to as a Function

Machine Learning Algorithms [1]#

Machine Learning Algorithms are described as learning a target function (f) that best maps input variables (X) to an output variable (Y).
Y = f(X)

This is a general learning task where we would like to make predictions in the future (Y) given new examples of input variables (X).

We don’t know what the function (f) looks like or it’s form. If we did, we would use it directly and we would not need to learn it from data using machine learning algorithms.

Cryptographic Algorithm#

Cryptographic Algorithm is a Algorithm and referred to as a Cipher which is typically connected to a Cipher Suite

Randomized algorithm#

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