Apple Directory

Apple Directory Services#

Rather than repeat it all here, I will defer to Wikipedia for most information.

Basically Apple uses OpenLDAP and a corresponding authentication model composed of Apple Password Server and Kerberos 5 tied together using a modular Directory Services system.

Directory Services Framework#

In a more general sense, Open Directory can describe the plugins model used by Directory Utility and the directory services framework in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. This could be thought of as analogous to the Name Service Switch systems of some other Unix-like operating systems. When connected to a directory system, a Mac OS X client or Server can authenticate users, lookup contacts, perform service discovery and name resolution with the following types of directories:
  • Authentication & Contacts
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • LDAPv3, including an Open Directory domain or RFC 2307-compliant system
    • Apple/NeXT NetInfo domains
    • BSD flat files and NIS
  • Service Discovery & Name Resolution
    • AppleTalk
    • Windows (NetBIOS and WINS)
    • Service Location Protocol (SLP)
    • Multicast DNS (Bonjour/Zeroconf)

Apple Computer OID#

Apple Computer OID is used to define their custom LDAP Schema extensions.

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