Application namespace


Application namespace is the names as they are within the DirXML Connected Application. [1][2]

The application namespace is often different than the DirXML namespace

If you view a driver configuration as being a data pipeline between an Connected Application and eDirectory, it is important to note that many pieces of data that are shared between them may be called by different names.

In an HR application, you may have a "First Name", while in eDirectory you have a "Given Name". A person can easily see that these are the same thing, but computers have to be told. So, in this example, in the "name space" of the Connected Application, you would refer to "First Name", but in the "name space" of eDirectory, you would use "Given Name".[1]

Most of the time in DirXML, you will be working with eDirectory attribute names, in the eDirectory namespace.

Some of the time, you may need to work in the Application namespace. The Input Transformation Policy Set and Output Transformation Policy Set always work with the Application namespace.

Also, keep in mind, LDAP has yet another namespace. The LDAP name for "Given Name" is givenName.

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