Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization


Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization is a feature of EDirectory Synchronization.

EDirectory (40102.29) and later multiple outbound synchronization from one server to another server can be performed sequentially by a multiple threads

eDirectory includes a thread that analyzes the change cache and prepares the packets to be sent across to the other server, and then fills a queue of packets. Another thread picks up the packets and sends them across to the other server one by one. This optimizes the synchronization and reduces time.

Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization Configuration

  • Log into iMonitor.
  • Go to Agent Configuration > Background Process Settings.
  • In the Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization Settings section, select Enable.
Enabling Asynchronous Outbound Synchronization may lead to increased CPU and I/O utilization at the receiving server. To avoid this, you can set a delay in sending the packets by specifying a delay interval in Async Dispatcher NDS Thread Delay. You can set this delay interval between 0 to 999 milliseconds. The default value is zero milliseconds.

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