Iterates through the attachments of the current page.

The variable that is created is an instance of the Attachment class, which has the following methods:

  • String getName() - Returns the fully-fledged WikiName of the attachment.
  • String getFileName() - Returns the filename.
  • long getSize() - Size of the attachment in bytes.
  • String getParentName() - WikiName of the parent page.
  • String getAuthor() - Name of the last author.
  • int getVersion() - Current version.
  • Date getLastModified() - Date of the latest modification.

The current page always becomes the attachment referred to by the variable.


<wiki:AttachmentsIterator id="<variable name>">

JSP code


Name of the iterator variable to create.


         <table width="90%">
         <wiki:AttachmentsIterator id="att">

Lists the attachments. Note how the LinkToTag refers to the currently iterated attachment, so that if you have two attachments (Foobar1 & Foobar2), the list might show up something like this:

   <tr><td><a href="attach?page=Foobar1">Foobar1</a></td></tr>
   <tr><td><a href="attach?page=Foobar2">Foobar2</a></td></tr>