Attribute Options


Attribute Options in LDAP is a kind of tag that provides additional information about the way that an attributeType should be interpreted.

An AttributeType consists of the attribute name or OID followed by zero or more attribute options.

If there are attribute options, then they are separated from the attribute name and from each other using semicolons.

Attribute Options Example#

For example, in the attribute description "userCertificate;binary", the attribute name is "userCertificate" and the attribute option is "binary".

Attribute Options can be used for several purposes, including providing information about how the server should treat that attribute (e.g., the binary encoding option as described in RFC 4522)

Attribute Options may also be provided for the benefit of clients in some form (e.g., the language tag options as described in RFC 3866, which make it possible to provide an attribute value in different languages).

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