AttributeType Description


AttributeType Description is part of the LDAP Directory Information Models and composed of an attribute Type (see RFC 4512 Section 2.5.1) and a set of zero or more attribute options (see RFC 4512 Section 2.5.2).

AttributeType Description describes how the AttributeTypes are defined within the DSA LDAP Schema

A AttributeType Description is represented by the ABNF:

attributedescription = attributetype options
attributetype = oid
options = *( SEMI option )
option = 1*keychar

where <attributetype> identifies the attribute Type and each <option> identifies an Attribute Option. Both <attributetype> and <option> productions are case-insensitive. The order in which <option>s appear is irrelevant.

That is, any two <attributedescription>s that consist of the same <attribute Type> and same set of <Attribute Option>s are equivalent.

Examples of valid attribute descriptions:#
An AttributeType Description with an unrecognized attribute type is to be treated as unrecognized. Servers SHALL treat an attribute description with an unrecognized attribute option as unrecognized. Clients MAY treat an unrecognized attribute option as a tagging option (see Section RFC 4512

All attributes of an entry must have distinct AttributeType Description.

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