AuthPasswordSyntax is an LDAPSyntaxes defined in RFC 3112 with an OID of

Values of this syntax are encoded according to:

authPasswordValue = w scheme s authInfo s authValue w
scheme = %x30-39 / %x41-5A / %x2D-2F / %x5F
   ; 0-9, A-Z, "-", ".", "/", or "_"
authInfo = schemeSpecificValue
authValue = schemeSpecificValue
            schemeSpecificValue = *( %x21-23 / %x25-7E )
            ; printable ASCII less "$" and " "
s = w SEP w
w = *SP
SEP = %x24 ; "$"
SP = %x20 ; " " (space)
where scheme describes the mechanism and authInfo and authValue are a scheme specific. The authInfo field is often a base64 encoded salt.

The authValue field is often a base64 encoded value derived from a user's password(s). Values of this attribute are Case-sensitive.

Transfer of values of this syntax is strongly discouraged where the underlying transport service cannot guarantee confidentiality and may result in disclosure of the values to unauthorized parties.

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