Authentication Method


Authentication Method are methods or Authentication Schemes or Authentication Mechanism used for Authentication.

Authentication Method identifies the method or process in which the Authentication was performed and not the Authentication Protocol that was utilized.

Authentication Method Reference Values#

Authentication Method Reference Values shows the methods that might be used within an Authentication Process.

Authentication Context Class Values shows the Authentication Process that was used.

Authentication Context Class vs Authentication Method Reference shows the differences between the two.

Authentication Methods that involve more than one Authentication Methods or Authentication Factors may be referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication.

Authentication Methods that involve Authentication Methods across more than one communication channels may be referred to as Multiple-channel Authentication

There are many technologies and methodologies implemented to provide authentication.

Authentication Context Class#

The ideas of Authentication Context Class allows the Identity Provider (IDP) to communicate to the Relying Party the Type of Authentication that was used.


There are some Specifications that define the various different Authentication Method:

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