BIT STRING is a ASN.1 Simple Type which takes values that are an ordered sequence of zero or more bits.

The bit sequence is either a binary or hexadecimal string delimited by single quotes followed by B or H, respectively.

For example, 11010001 B or 82DA6 H are valid values of BIT STRING.

The length of the string of bits must be a multiple of four when hexadecimal is used.

BIT STRING also has a form similar to INTEGER (Ldapwiki uses Bitmask), but the numbers in parentheses indicate location in the string of bits. For example, the type notation

Occupation  ::=  BIT STRING
    clerk      (0)
    editor     (1)
    artist     (2)
    publisher  (3)
names the first bit ``clerk", the second bit ``editor", and so on. Strings of bits can then be written by listing the named bits that are set to 1. For example, (editor, artist) and '0110'B are two representations for the same value of ``Occupation".

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