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SailPoint and BMC - how to move forward?[2]#

Excerpt Posted on Jun 14, 2011 by Martin Kuppinger

After several talks with both SailPoint and BMC I'd like to provide some information. First of all, SailPoint now owns CONTROL-SA, including the support team and other related human resources. There even is a roadmap for CONTROL-SA and support for the newer releases (ESS 7.5.x) will be provided for several years from now.

On the other hand, SailPoint IdentityIQ now is on the price list of BMC. It can be bought with BMC contracts, BMC 1st level support, and so on. It is the strategic solution for Access Governance and Identity/Access Management offered by BMC. BMC itself only focuses on BIRM (BMC Identity Request Management), not to be mixed up with BRIM (BMC Remedy Identity Management), which is no longer sold through BMC (but the relevant parts are either BIRM or SailPoint products (ex Control-SA) now.

SailPoint will soon provide its own provisioning engine, which is sort of a lightweight implementation, being controlled by the Access Governance (and Lifecycle Management) components of IdentityIQ and which uses the existing connectors of CONTROL-SA. SailPoint additionally plans to release new connectors.

This gives customers a lot of choices to move forward. They can use CONTROL-SA for quite a while, at least if they use ESS 7.5.x and higher. They might move to the SailPoint provisioning engine, using IdentityIQ on top and the existing connectors. They might migrate to other provisioning tools, and so on. But the most important thing is: CONTROL-SA isn't dead and customers can take their time to consider their options. And my advice is: take your time and think about how your IAM, Access Governance, and Service Request Management should look like in the future.

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