BackLink is part of a Linked Attribute that allows a Relationship to be built between ObjectClasses

BackLink is an AttributeType which has an odd number value for the LinkID within the AttributeSchema

BackLink Microsoft Active Directory AttributeTypes may use only Microsoft Active Directory Syntax and must be MULTI-VALUE.

Forward links (or Forward Reference) attributes always have a LinkID even value and for every Forward link the next LinkID value is, of course, an odd value and is the LinkID to the corresponding BackLink attribute.

The BackLink attribute is used to maintain NDS External References has two parts:
  • The Distinguished Name(s) of the server(s) holding the external reference; this name is commonly referred to as the Remote Server Name.
  • The Entry ID of the remote server, usually referred to as the Remote ID.

The BackLink has mostly been replaced by the Distributed Reference Links which use the UsedBy attribute for all versions since NetWare 5.x.

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