The Backlinker process is an EDirectory Background Processes, which also referred to as the Distributed Reference Link (DRL) process, is a background process helps maintain referential integrity within the eDirectory environment.

Backlinker is responsible for the following:

Periodically, the Backlinker process checks the NDS External References to see if the original entry still exists and if there is a reason for the NDS External References to continue to exist. If the external reference is not needed, eDirectory removes it.

When Backlinker Runs #

The Backlinker process checks consistency automatically. The Backlinker process occurs two hours after the database is open, and then at intervals of 780 minutes, or 13 hours. The default Backlinker process interval is controlled by the setting of the N4u.nds.backlink-interval in the Nds.conf file and can be changed using Imonitor.

You can also force the Backlinker process to run using Ndsrepair. The B flag, will schedules the Backlinker process to begin execution on the source server in one second.

Ndsrepair #

Certain operations in Ndsrepair require the backlinker be run when completed.

Running a Ndsrepair with -XK2 or -XK3 will mark all entries in the database or in a particular partition as external references.

In order to be maintained properly, after the repair is complete, run the Backlinker process and ensure that it completes successfully.

Monitoring #

Ndsrepair can be used to monitor the Backlinker process through Check External References.

Ndstrace also provides the ability to monitor Backlinker directly.

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