Bandit-project.org The Bandit project is an groundbreaking open source community chartered for developers as a set of programming interfaces to simplify the process of software for your intranet and provide a consistent approach to securing and managing identity.

In simple terms, Bandit is the on-ramp to identity. By offering a standard and vendor/platform agnostic method, Bandit gives developers the necessary tools to integrate once unreachable legacy applications with identity management systems, facilitating security and compliance, streamlining administration and reducing development costs.

Bandit-project.org was a Open Source project related to many technologies that were forerunners of large implementations. Ldapwiki has some history on it described below:

Information cards are personal digital identities that people can use online, and the key component of an identity metasystem. Visually, each i-card has a card-shaped picture and a card name associated with it that enable people to organize their digital identities and to easily select one they want to use for any given interaction. The information card metaphor is implemented by identity selectors like Windows CardSpace, DigitalMe or Higgins Identity Selector.

WALTHAM, Mass., and OTTAWA, Canada - January 29, 2007 - - The Bandit and Eclipse Higgins Project today announced the achievement of a key milestone in the development of Open Source identity services. Based on working code from the two projects and the larger community of open source developers, the teams have created a reference application that showcases open source identity services that are interoperable with Microsoft's Windows CardSpace identity management system and enable Liberty Alliance-based identity federation via Novell Access Manager. This reference application is a first-of-its-kind Open Source identity system that features interoperability with leading platforms and protocols. This ground-breaking work will be demonstrated at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Open XDAS is a Novell INC sponsored Open Source project hosted by SourceForge.net. The project administrator is currently John Calcote, a full-time software engineer and architect for Novell. He's been with Novell for over 15 years, working on Novell's web and directory services most of that time. He's worked on the Bandit-project.org since its inception in January of 2006.

The notion of identity metasystem has been introduced as the means to ensure inter-operability among different identity systems while providing a consistent user experience. Current identity metasystems provide limited support for secure roaming: by "roaming" we refer to the ability of a user to use the same set of identities and credentials across different terminals. We argue that in order to support different types of roaming, the identity metasystem client should be structured as a set of distributable components. We describe such distributed client-side software architecture and how that architecture is implemented by adapting Novell's Bandit project. We use our implementation to demonstrate how credentials are stored in a trusted device in the form of a mobile phone but can be used on less trusted terminals in the form of PCs.

(PDF) Secure roaming with identity metasystems. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221190742_Secure_roaming_with_identity_metasystems?_sg=M1vIaTWQGZQQ7LfUphB9vkoknK6Cww2NZWBTbn7RlvXMlecYgla7-daOARVqOeFIdELZo9-CEg accessed Jun 28 2018.

Novell-led Bandit project`s DigitalMe wins HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Award further validating its position at the forefront of technology innovation, Novell INC has announced the Bandit project`s DigitalMe information card selector is the winner of the HP-International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Innovation Award, in the technology category.

The world`s largest association of privacy professionals, the IAPP presents this award annually in three categories to organisations that successfully transform themselves through the integration of privacy to achieve the benefits of greater consumer/citizen satisfaction, enhanced customer relationships, and the competitive advantages driven by unique privacy-enabled models. (https://www.itweb.co.za/content/lLn147m53kb7J6Aa# )

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