Berkeley DB Java Edition


Berkeley DB Java Edition Berkeley DB Java Edition (also referred to as "Berkeley DB JE", "BDBJE", or "JE") is a pure Java database designed by Sleepycat Software, which was purchased by the Oracle.

Berkeley DB Java Edition provides a highly-scalable, high-performance, transactional B-Tree database, with support for full ACID semantics and it is used as the primary database for storing user data in OpenDS.

OpenDS provides a Back-end that uses the Berkeley DB Java Edition for storing its information. This backend is often called the "JE Backend" or simply "JEB". It uses a Berkeley DB Java Edition environment that consists of multiple individual databases. The id2entry database provides a mechanism for mapping entry ID values to entry contents. Other databases serve as indexes that can be used to quickly find entry contents for processing various types of operations. See the JE Backend Database Design document for more information on the way that OpenDS uses the Berkeley DB Java Edition to provide backend functionality.

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