Bindery Partition


All servers that have IPX enabled keep track of services learned from SAP traffic.

SLP services are stored in the DS database.

Each of these services is stored as a bindery SAP object, and these services are classified as dynamic bindery objects because they are automatically deleted when the server is shut down or when the offered service is no longer available.

To provide backward compatibility with NetWare 2.x and NetWare 3.x and bindery-based applications, every server has a SUPERVISOR (pseudo) bindery user and maintains a bindery NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) file server's Type 4 SAP object. These two bindery objects are static in nature and cannot be removed.

All this information is maintained in the server's Bindery Partition.

The Partition ID of the Bindery partition is always 3.

NOT Replicated #

Like the System Partition and External Reference Partition, the Bindery Partition is not replicated to all servers. Rather, it is kept specific to the local server.

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