Biometric Data Challenges

Overview [1]#

Biometric Data Challenges are additional to the normal Security Considerations for Security and Authentication

Credential Management of Biometric data is in general not mature. There are few standards and none of them are as robust as Password Management

Biometric data is difficult to perform:

Our Position on Biometric Data Challenges#

For a variety of reasons, we can only see limited use of biometrics for authentication.

These include the following:

Biometric data Storage#

We have tremendous challenges with poor Storage of Passwords. Passwords are stolen from websites every second. Now you want to ask people Trust websites to store their Biometric data?

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management data breach is a prime example. Last year’s breach resulted in nearly 6 million federal employees’ fingerprint data being compromised. Those affected by this breach could feel the effects for years to come.[6]

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