Biometric Sample Processing


Biometric Sample Processing is the processing of a Biometric Sample to be create a Biometric Token.

A Biometric Sample is obtained from a Biometric Sensor for either Biometric Enrollment or Biometric Comparison

This Biometric Sample goes through a processes to:

  • remove artifacts caused by Biometric Sensor
  • enhance the input (e.g. removing background noise)
  • perform other kinds of normalization and optimizations

Biometric Sample Processing typically creates a vector of numbers or an image with a limited set particular properties from the Biometric Sample to create a Biometric Token.

The Biometric Token is a synthesis of the relevant characteristics extracted from the Biometric Sample. Elements of the Biometric Sample that are not used in the Biometric Comparison algorithm are discarded in the Biometric Token to reduce the filesize and to protect the Privacy of the enrollee

Biometric Sample Processing functions and exact processes are dependent on:

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