BitStringMatch has an OID of and is is an EQUALITY Matching Rule that compares an Assertion Value of the Bit String syntax to an Attribute Value of a syntax (e.g., the Bit String syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is BIT STRING.

BitStringMatch the corresponding ASN.1 type of the attribute syntax does not have a named bit list ASN.1 (which is the case for the Bit String syntax), then the rule evaluates to True if and only if the Attribute Value has the same number of bits as the Assertion Value and the bits match on a bitwise basis.

If the corresponding ASN.1 type does have a named bit list, then BitStringMatch operates as above, except that trailing zero bits in the Attribute Values and Attribute Values are treated as absent.

The LDAP definition for the bitStringMatch rule is:

( NAME 'bitStringMatch' SYNTAX )

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