Bob Blakley


Bob Blakley is an analyst at the Burton Group, Principal Analyst, Emphases: Identity Management, privacy, security, risk management

Background: Former chief scientist for Security and Privacy at IBM. Involved in cryptography and data security design work since 1979. Served as general chair of the 2003 IEEE Security and Privacy Conference and as General Chair of the New Security Paradigms Workshop. Served on the National Academy of Science’s study group on Authentication Technologies and Their Privacy Implications.

Primary Distinctions: Former editor of the OMG CORBAsecurity specification, and is the author of "CORBA Security: An Introduction to Safe Computing with Objects," published by Addison-Wesley. Editor of the Open Group’s Authorization API specification and the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee’s SAML specification effort. Authored or co-authored seven papers on cryptography, secret-sharing schemes, access control, and other aspects of computer security. Holds more than 10 patents on security-related technologies.

Well know for defining the Identity Oracle

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