Boolean is a Data type and a Data representation that only allows values of True or False.

Specific details of the Data type Boolean are context dependent.

Typically Boolean numeric values of zero are interpreted as "false", and any other value is interpreted as "true"

Boolean may be represented as TRUE/true/NOT "0" or False/FALSE/Zero

Boolean values and LDAP#

A value of the Boolean syntax is one of the Boolean values, true or false. The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this syntax is defined by the following ABNF:
Boolean = "TRUE" / "FALSE"

The LDAP definition for the Boolean LDAPSyntaxes is: ( DESC 'Boolean' )

This syntax corresponds to the Boolean type from ASN.1.

Boolean within Microsoft Active Directory is represented as (ADSTYPE_BOOLEAN) and is specified as OMSyntax 1

A LDAP Boolean element value is always encoded as a single byte, with 0xff representing true and 0x00 representing false.

LDAP is more restrictive than general-purpose BER is when it comes to encoding Boolean values of true. RFC 4511 section 5.1 states that LDAP messages should always encode true values with all bits set to one, which is 0xff hex.

Boolean elements are always primitive, and they always have a one-byte value.

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