All file to be included with a build should be assembled within the Build Compilation area. (Currently ino0s701.svr.Directory-Info.com.net:/users/home/rgivan/nds ).

Compilation Scripts#

There are two scripts used to create the builds.


This script calls the “buildtar.sh” script to create the three builds.


The “buildtar.sh” script will gather all the required files and create a compressed file for placement on the distribution WEB Sites.

NOTE: The directory structure is significant to the operation of the build compilation scripts therefore any changes or additions in the directory structure may require changes to one or more of the build compilation scripts.

There are three different distributions that are derived from this directory tree:

  • Linux-only distribution
  • Solaris-only distribution
  • Patch-only distribution (Solaris & Linux)

The “buildtar.sh” logs to a file named buildtar.log in the directory where the script is launched. The “buildtar.sh” currently in the ‘nds’ directory is executed as shown.

usage: ./buildtar.sh dir_name [-solaris|-linux|-min]
As an example, to generate the Linux distribution, the command is:
./buildtar.sh edir.dev -linux
Or to generate all three builds, use the script:
NOTE: the doall.sh script use the “../edir.dev” directory for building the distribution files.

Build Versions#

The “buildtar.sh” script will use the “buildver.txt” file to create a build version. Versions are used within the distribution file name and are typically shown as:
<buildDirectory>.< version.txt>.<platform>.<timestampOfBuild>.tar.gz
As an example:
Shows this build is for of NDS and is for Solaris and was generated on 2004-10-11 at 10:37 AM.