Capacity is how much availability the Development Team has for the Iteration and is used for Iteration Planning

This is about all that can be agreed upon. Capacity is mentioned only twice in the Scrum Guide where it is never defined. Remembering that Scrum is a Framework that is to be adapted as required.

Capacity for the Delivery Team is derived from three simple measures for each Development Team member:

  • Number of ideal hours in the work day
  • Days in the iteration that the person will be available
  • Percentage of time the person will dedicate to this Development Team

For example, let's look at a team of five individuals, all committed to the Development Team full-time. Each has about six ideal hours per day to work on tasks, and no one is taking vacation. For a week-long iteration:

5 team members X 6 ideal hours X 5 working days = 150 hours of task capacity

Each team should consider Capacity in determining how many Product Backlog items to plan for a Iteration. The team may want to consider taking on fewer Product Backlog items if Capacity is expected to be less for the sprint. Likewise, if more team members are recently added, the team may want to take on more Product Backlog items.

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