Card Verification Method


Card Verification Method are the Payment Card Verifications used to verify the Payment Card is valid.

Card Verification Method varies depending on the Card Issuer.

Some methods we have discovered:


  • Terminal: Obtained electronically through your terminal by magnetically swipe reading or manually entering the credit card number.
  • Voice: Obtained when a when contact is made with our authorization center, either through the automated system or when speaking to a representative at the authorization center.
  • Direct solutions/Autobats: Obtained when you compile your sales at the end of the day and transmit them to Wells Fargo Merchant Services electronically. Wells Fargo Merchant Services will then authorize and process the merchant sales.
  • Tape authorizations: Obtained through a personal computer or a terminal. Works in the same manner as a terminal authorization.
  • Tape ECR (Electronic Cash Register): Works in the same manner as a terminal authorization.

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