Cardholder Verification Method


Cardholder Verification Method or CVM is a Payment Card Verification method used to validate (Authenticate) that the person presenting the Bank Card Number is the valid cardholder.

Card Issuers decide the requirements for Cardholder Verification Method.

Merchants need to ensure their POS Terminal support the Cardholder Verification Method required by Card Issuer(s)

Cardholder verification is used to evaluate whether the person presenting the card is the legitimate cardholder. There are many cardholder verification methods (CVMs) supported in EMV. They are:

There are some method numbers that are reserved for further use:

  • 000110 “011101: method numbers to be assigned by EMV , for example, for biometrics (see Appendix D, Section D.5.6);
  • 100000 “101111: method numbers to be assigned by the individual payment systems ”a possible candidate is a One-Time password scheme (see Appendix D, Section D.7.3);
  • 110000 “111110: method numbers to be assigned by individual issuers.

The POS Terminal uses a Cardholder Verification Method list read from the card to determine the type of verification to be performed. The Cardholder Verification Method list establishes a priority of Cardholder Verification Methods to be used relative to the capabilities of the POS Terminal. Different POS Terminal support different Cardholder Verification Methods. ATMs generally support online PIN. POS Terminals vary in their support of Cardholder Verification Method depending on their type and in which country they are located.

All Cardholder Verification Methods can be available on all payment types (credit, debit and prepaid) as defined by the Card Issuer. The Merchant or POS Terminal chooses which Cardholder Verification Methods they will support. The Card Issuer sets a prioritized list of methods on the chip for Cardholder Verification Method.

Chip Cards contain a Cardholder Verification Method list which indicates the AIDs supported. Various Cardholder Verification Method Condition Code effect which Cardholder Verification Method is required.

Thus, one can see that the Cardholder Verification Method List stored in the card application indicates to the terminal:

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