CaseIgnoreIA5Match Matching Rule compares an Assertion Value of the IA5 String syntax to an Attribute Value of a syntax (e.g., the IA5 String syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is IA5String.

CaseIgnoreIA5Match requires LDAP Internationalized String Preparation for the Assertion Value and Attribute Value.

The rule evaluates to TRUE if and only if the prepared attribute value character string and the prepared assertion value character string have the same number of characters and corresponding characters have the same code point.

In preparing the attribute value and assertion value for comparison, characters are case folded in the Map preparation step, and only Insignificant Space Handling is applied in the Insignificant Character Handling step.

LDAP CaseIgnoreIA5Match #

In LDAP CaseIgnoreIA5Match is a Matching Rule defined as:

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