CaseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch is a SUBSTR MatchingRule that compares an Assertion Value of the Substring Assertion syntax to an attribute value of a syntax (e.g., the Postal Address syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is a SEQUENCE OF the DirectoryString ASN.1 type.

The rule evaluates to TRUE if and only if the assertion value matches, per the caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch rule, the character string formed by concatenating the strings of the attribute value, except that none of the <initial>, <any>, or <final> substrings of the assertion value are considered to match a substring of the concatenated string which spans more than one of the original strings of the attribute value.

hat, in terms of the LDAP-specific encoding of the Postal Address syntax, the concatenated string omits the <DOLLAR> line separator and the escaping of "\" and "$" characters.

LDAP Matching Rule CaseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch #

The LDAP definition for the CaseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch Matching Rule is:

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