CaseIgnoreOrderingMatch is an ORDERING MatchingRule that compares an Assertion Value of the Directory String syntax to an Attribute Value of a syntax (e.g., the Directory String, Printable String, Country String, or Telephone Number syntax) whose corresponding ASN.1 type is DirectoryString or one of its alternative string types.

CaseIgnoreOrderingMatch evaluates to TRUE if and only if, in the Code Point collation order, the prepared Attribute Value character string appears earlier than the prepared assertion value character string; i.e., the Attribute Value is "less than" the Assertion Value.

In preparing the attribute value and assertion value for comparison, characters are case folded in the Map Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings, and only Insignificant Space Handling is applied in the Insignificant Character Handling step.

LDAP Matching Rule CaseIgnoreOrderingMatch #

The LDAP definition for the CaseIgnoreOrderingMatch Matching Rule is:

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