CertiPath focuses on the use of Digital Identity in the modern connected world. Trusted Digital Identities are one of the most important components to securing your network, data and buildings but achieving ubiquitous trust online has been a challenge for 30 years. CertiPath, through its role as a trust framework provider and as an identity product provider, has helped chip away at this. Today, identity management is well understood to be the cornerstone of secure environments.

At the heart of our success CertiPath applies our unparalleled experience to create a suite of innovative, scalable products and services that hold identities accessing your network to the highest level of validation. Through the use of these tools, we protect the investment our customers have made in implementing high assurance credentials as a method of authentication to their critical assets. Our trusted suite of products leverage the Trust Fabric, the secure interconnection of trusted participants CertiPath spent a decade helping to create, insuring your assets are being accessed by valid and vetted users and monitored in real time providing situational awareness through the use of high assurance credentials.

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