Certificate Authority


In Cryptography, Certificate Authority (CA) is an entity that issues digital Certificates.

The digital Certificate certifies the ownership of a Public Key by the named Certificate Subject of the Certificate.

The Registration Authority which is often the same as the Certificate Authority performs this by Identity Proofing during the Certificate Request Process.

This Certificate Request Process is designed to allow the Relying Party to Trust upon Digital Signatures or assertions made by the Private Key that corresponds to the Public Key is Authentic.

Certificate Authoritys are characteristic of many Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) schemes.[1]

The user is responsible for going through the step of Certificate Validation for a certificate with a Certificate Authority to figure out if the certificate presented is valid.

Each Certificate Authority must have a CAPK and available to the user or device to perform the Certificate Validation of any Certificates.

Trust Anchor and Certificate Authority#

Certificate Authority issue uses a Trust Anchor Certificate (or Root Certificate) to sign all Certificates that they issue.

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