Chaining is the act of initiating multiple data requests to various parameters, APIs, or microservices, in a single call.

Chaining is the same idea as done in other programming where you might create a method that calls several other methods.

Chaining is typically performed as a convenience or to optimize the request for the Client consolidating what would take multiple requests from the client into fewer requests.

A narrative #

One example is to think about how mail is handled via the hub-and-spoke model. When you write a letter, this letter is dropped off in a post box. The postman then collects these letters and parcels, binding them together for processing. At the processing shop, these bundles from everywhere in your city are bundled together into even larger crates depending on their destination and purpose. Chaining works much the same. The big benefit of this method arises in that postal metaphor — the joining of unrelated resources within a single action.

LDAP Chaining#

In LDAP DIT Chaining is Chaining of Search Request

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