Chip Card


A card that contains a "chip".

Chip Cards include:

Chip Card are typically made of plastic but they have been manufactured reusable Chip Card made from paper.

Chip Card can be either Contact Chip Card and or Contactless Chip Card.

Chip Card can be used to provide

Typically the "chip" device that includes an embedded secure integrated circuit that can be either a secure microcontroller or equivalent intelligence with internal memory or a secure memory chip alone.

Point of Sale#

For POS The card connects to a POS Terminal with either as Contact Chip Card (direct physical contact) or with Contactless Chip Card which uses radio frequency interface.

With an embedded microcontroller, Chip Card have the unique ability to securely store of data, carry out their own on-card functions (e.g., Cryptography and Mutual Authentication) and interact intelligently with a POS Terminal. All EMV cards are chip cards.

Some variations are:

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