Chrome Custom Tabs


Chrome Custom Tabs is an implementation of the browser-view pattern, providing a secure Browser-view displayed in the context of the application.

Chrome is an example of a browser that supports Chrome Custom Tabs.

Android Browser vendors SHOULD implement the CustomTabsService Custom Tabs Service to provide this functionality to their users.

Chrome Custom Tabs is the counterpart to SFSafariViewController Chrome Custom Tabs allows developers to create a custom browser experience within the parameters of Android’s developer guidelines. They are available to all devices that can run Chrome 45 on Android 4.1+ (Jellybean June [2012]). Many goodies are included in this custom WebView, including “pre-warming” of the browser in the background “while avoiding stealing resources from the application,” shared cookies and permissions, and one-tap return to the app. In addition, it allows Android developers to serve content in a faster manner to users who are navigating on devices that do not have auto-updating WebViews instead of falling back on an older, slower WebView.

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